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Posted on: November 25, 2019

Advent alert! Begins next Sunday

Do you have your family advent wreath? It’s always a great way to pray and anticipate the coming celebration of Christmas. In my family growing up we always had an advent wreath that we lit at dinner time with prayers to go along with it. If you go online you can find an advent wreath and prayers to pray with your wreath. Light another candle each Sunday and teach her children and grandchildren the true meaning of Christmas. Christ, the light of the world, born into our darkness grows ever brighter in our hearts and souls. We want each of our souls to be fully lit with the light of Christ. Come Lord Jesus, come and fill the hearts of all your faithful!  


Father Deziel

Posted on: September 14, 2019

St Nicholas Festival a Big Success!

Thank you to all who helped with the Saint Nicholas festival last weekend. Thank you to our festival chair Tammy Reed to put in many hours along with others from the parish to make it a success. Thank you, Dan and Stephanie Svoboda who made a delicious German dinner, Skip Low and all who helped with the pancake breakfast, those that set up the tents, Sara Morrow and Dave Lavin ran the 5K and Vicky Rademacher drove in the parade to represent our parish. I’m sure there were many hands helping that I have forgotten. Thank you one and all! God bless you!

Posted on: August 22, 2019

Faith and License Plates

The three letters on the license plate of my last car were JCX. Immediately I liked those letters as they made me think of Jesus Christ. JC is obvious, of course, and the x looks just like the Greek letter kai which is the sound of “Ch”. You’ve probably seen the symbol for Christ as a P with an X through the stem of the P. That’s because in ancient times these were the first two Greek letters of the sound to pronounce Christ. The P looking letter is actually the Greek ‘Rho’ or R sound. Put the X before the P and it sounds like ‘Chr’. You’ve got admit that putting the X on the stem of the P also looks really cool! Those ancients were certainly clever in making it an attractive logo! In our time, older folks probably remember when Christmas was often referred to X-mas. That wasn’t just advertisers trying to shorten the word., but it was consciously done with the X representing Christ with the Greek letter kai without the rho. Anyways, I happily drove my JCX car around for ten years plus, proud of the fact that without spending extra money for vanity plates, I had a car that professed Jesus Christ to all. Bu the car wore out, and it was time for another vehicle and a new license plate. I sadly accepted the fact that I would no longer be able to have my beloved JCX. But when I received my new license plate it had the letters UBX. Hmmm? Was God trying to say something to me? After my JCX plate, I quickly interpreted the new UBX as “You be Christ”. It seemed as though Jesus was saying to me, it’s not enough to proclaim me, you must also become like me. I’m sure that no one who sees m UBX thinks anything like that, but for me, it is a powerful personal reminder that I must seek to be more like Jesus. That’s a lot easier said than done, as we know, but God knows just what kind of reminder that I and all of us regularly need. Thank you Jesus! Help me to be more like you! Help us all to be more like you!



Fr. Deziel