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October is Mary Month

October 13, 2018

October is Mary Month The months of May and October are both considered months to put an extra focus upon the Blessed Mother in our prayer life.  Growing up, my family would always make extra efforts to pray the rosary each evening during these months.  I remember being outside in October, playing flashlight tag or football under the floodlights of our back yard, and my mother would call us in to pray the rosary.  It was always hard to do because we were having so much fun, and truth be told, we didn’t want to end our October night activities to pray.  But we would, and my siblings and I are all better off spiritually for doing so. Please think about what you can do as a family to honor and pray to the Blessed Mother this month. She is the great protector of the Church and we desperately need her prayers during these challenging times for the Church and for our families.  Any extra effort of devotion to the Blessed Mother always has great rewards.


New St. Francis Statue!  Perfectly timed for the Feast of St. Francis, we received our new St. Francis statue on Thursday, October 4th.  I thank Sharon Hartung for donating this fine contribution to our prayer garden in memory of Fr. Tom Vos OFM, and her parents Austin and Betty Vos.  The statue is in the Church now but will be placed in one of the individual stone niches as pictured soon. You can see there is also a lot of activity occurring in the garden as shrines are being worked on and completed before winter sets in. I thank all who have volunteered their time in the garden this past summer season. We truly are blessed and proud to have such a beautiful and living example of faith on our parish grounds. It takes great effort to maintain the garden and keep it looking so beautiful, and each of these efforts are acts of love for our Lord which serve to inspire faith in others.

RCIA classes beginning now!  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming Catholic, please call the parish office now.  We’re just beginning the RCIA process (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) which culminates in receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist at Easter.  It is for adults who are not Catholic, or who are baptized Catholic and have not yet been confirmed nor received first Holy Communion.  We have a great team of RCIA leaders, and there’s no time like the present to respond to this invitation to grow in God’s grace.


God Bless You All!

Fr. Deziel

Our visit with Lilian and Fr. Richard!

October 6, 2018

As part of our Archdiocesan partnership with the Diocese of Kitui, Kenya in East Africa, we welcomed Lilian, one of the ten delegates who recently arrived here in Minnesota. This past Wednesday, Lillian came to visit with us and tour the parish and prayer garden.  Prior to coming to Carver, she visited some ladies in Shakopee and learned how to knit blankets for the homeless from plastic bags.  It was very interesting to learn how they cut the bags, loop them together to form a ball and then knit the blankets which are donated to various organizations who share them with people in need.  We were also fortunate to have Fr. Richard back for a surprise visit.  You may recall that he was here with us back at the end of May.  Thanks to everyone who helped make their visit so enjoyable!

Judge approves Archdiocesan Bankruptcy Settlement

September 28, 2018

You probably saw in the news this past week that the archdiocesan bankruptcy settlement has now been approved by the judge.  The victims have overwhelmingly voted in favor of the settlement as have the other parties involved including the archdiocese, parishes, insurance companies, etc.

There is now a period of several weeks to appeal as required by law. Depending on whether there are any appeals, and how those appeals are resolved, will determine the actual date for the completion of the settlement.  From what I have heard, it is expected that everything should be completely wrapped up before the end of this calendar year. Please continue to pray for a just and timely resolution for this settlement.  Please continue to pray for all victims of abuse, and for the Church, and all the members of the Church.  The healing needed will take many years, but hopefully for the victims and all the people of our archdiocese, this settlement will begin to turn a corner on the long road of healing.

Your servant in Christ,

Fr. Deziel