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St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Carver, MN


The Prayer Garden in full bloom - June 6

April 20 Faith formation Update  

Another year is coming to end. The April newsletter is available here. Sign up forms for next year are available here or on the Faith Formation page.

March 4 Update from Deacon Jim Bauhs

The recommendation to the Archbishop was submitted on Dec 30.  Recently, I checked with the Archdiocese and was told that the Archbishop is reviewing the information we presented. 

We have the following upcoming activities at St. Nicholas church that you are invited to attend and participate:

First Communion Mass - May 23 @ 10:30am - space still limited - reservations required - Email or call Deacon Jim 


Past communications are posted on the Future of St. Nicholas page.


​New Prayer Garden Video - November 2020

  • Weekly Bulletin Emailed to You:

You can have the weekly bulletin automatically emailed to you. Follow this link to sign up and the bulletin will arrive to each each Thursday night.

  • Prayer Garden 

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of our prayer garden. We welcome all volunteers of any interest or skill level as we have many opportunities. 

  •  Please continue to bring us your aluminum cans and drop them in the receptacle in the parking lot.   Please do not place bags or boxes inside the collection unit, the recycling company has notified us they will no longer accept our cans if there are any bags or boxes inside the container.


Posted on: December 21, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 

A very Merry Christmas to all parishioners of Saint Nicholas and Guardian Angels! What a joy it is to celebrate Christ's birthday together as a parish family! When we gather as a people to celebrate Christmas we not only remember the birth of our Lord two thousand plus years ago, but we celebrate his presence with us today! The same Jesus born in Bethlehem is present at every mass in his most precious Body and Blood! The gift which he himself gave to us! That is truly amazing when we reflect upon it. Thank you, Jesus for coming into our world, our hearts, our lives with your saving Grace! Thank you for the gift of the Eucharist in which you are so powerfully present to us today! Merry Christmas! 

Father Deziel