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Mission Appeal This Weekend

August 18, 2018

Mission Appeal This Weekend! This weekend we welcome Fr. Ostrowski from Divine Word Missionaries. He is our Archdiocesan assigned mission preacher for this year. I realize that we just had my good friend Fr. Augustine Mbiche from Tanzania last weekend that also made an appeal, so I apologize for these two appeals being on back to back weekends. The original plan was for this weekend’s appeal to be the weekend of July 8, however, shortly before that weekend, we were informed that it needed to be rescheduled and this weekend was the only one that worked out.


I thank you for your generosity in whatever you may be able to offer, and I ask for your understanding for these two mission appeals that are so closely scheduled together.


When we think about it though, God is always blessing us, and God has blessed each of us this past week. The Lord simply asks that we return joyfully the blessings that He so generously gives to us.  I thank you for your Support of Fr. Augustine last weekend, and I thank you for whatever you may be able to offer this week.

Feast of the Assumption

August 10, 2018

Feast of the Assumption this Wednesday August 15!  This Wednesday, August 15, we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Please note our combined Mass schedule with Guardian Angels:

Tuesday, August 14 at 7 PM at GA

Wednesday, August 15 at 6:30 AM at St. Nicholas, 8 AM at GA and 7 PM at St. Nicholas. 

Fr. Galarza is in Argentina now celebrating the baptism of his newborn niece, so I will offer all the Masses at both Guardian Angels and St. Nicholas.  There are a variety of Mass times, so everyone should be able to make it to one of the Masses.  It is officially a holy day of obligation.


This Feast was formally promulgated in 1950 by Pope Pius XII, however it is not a “new” feast. From ancient times, the Church celebrated that the Blessed Mother was assumed into heaven at the end of her earthly life because she was born without the stain of original sin, and she lived a life without sin and of complete holiness ever open to the will of God.  Naturally then, at the end of her time on earth, it only makes sense that she would be assumed directly into heaven to be forever with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and all the Angels and Saints.


As Catholics, we have a great devotion to our Blessed Mother, which other Christians perhaps do not understand or appreciate.  But we who pray the Hail Mary, and so many other beautiful Marian prayers, know that it is she who leads us to her Son, and that she is ever there to pray for us in our pitiable sinful state.  We always celebrate these feasts of Mary with great joy, love, and affection in our hearts for our Mother who loves us with the greatest of motherly love.  Please check your calendar and make plans to celebrate Mass on this great feast of our Blessed Mother.


Your Servant in Christ,          

Fr. Deziel

Father Augustine Here Next Weekend

August 4, 2018

Fr. Augustine Here Next Weekend!  Next weekend, we welcome Fr. Augustine Mbiche for a special appeal for the orphaned children of Tanzania in Africa.  I first met Fr. Augustine in 2005 when I was serving as an associate pastor at Pax Christi in Eden Prairie, and we have been good friends since then.  At that time, Fr. Mbiche was trying to start a kindergarten for the many orphans in his area of Mtamba, Tanzania.  The AIDS epidemic has left many children orphaned.  Since that time, he has managed to add one grade each year and the school is now kindergarten through 7th and many have gone through the school and graduated.  Four graduates are now studying for the priesthood!  I thank you for your generosity in supporting the good work that is happening at St. Monica school. If you would like to write a check you can make it out to St. Nicholas.  God Bless you!  Thank you! 

Your Servant in Christ,          

Fr. Deziel