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St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Carver, MN


  • St. Nicholas is hosting bingo at River City Days July 28. We're still in need of 9 more volunteers to help sell sheets, verify bingo winner’s numbers, and distribute payouts.  Help is needed 3:00 - 5:00 PM. Click here for info and signup.

  • Sunday Choir!  If you are interested in joining the Choir for the 9:15 AM English Mass on Sundays, please contact our Organist, Mary, or Jodee in the parish office.

  • 2018 Fall Festival We are in the planning stages for the 2018 Fall Festival. This year it is on Sept 8-9. Please see the page for ways you can help.

  • Peter’s Pence Collection!  Thank you for your generous support with Peter’s Pence Collection!  As a parish we collected $538.    If you missed the collection, it is not too late to give, visit www.usccb.org/nationalcollections and click on the “How to Give” link.

  • The Steamer 5K run is set for September 8. See the link for details, registration forms and donor information.
  • Please continue to bring us your aluminum cans and drop them in the receptacle in the parking lot.   Be sure to check out the new stairs which make it easier for you to make your donation.

4th of July Gratitude

July 2, 2018

4th of July Gratitude!  The past couple of weeks, we have all seen heart rendering images and stories of families separated at the border as they try to come to into the United States seeking a better life.  I realize that there are lots of different opinions on what our immigration policies and border law should be, and all of this clearly needs to be discussed, debated, and thoughtfully considered.  However, one thing that we should all take away from this is to remember that we live in an incredibly blessed country, and that many people would literally do anything to come here.  People walk a thousand miles or more, facing dangerous conditions that threaten their safety and their lives and that of their children, just to come here.  We are so blessed to live in America, and we must never forget that.  We have freedoms, law and order, and material wealth that are indeed the envy of the world.  With these great blessings comes great responsibility.  We must each seek to live lives worthy of the great blessings that we enjoy.  We have an obligation to live with deep gratitude and of virtuous purpose and of willing service towards our neighbor.  Our freedoms have not come cheap.  Many have sacrificed and given their lives for us, and we are forever grateful to them.  Our freedoms and blessings are not to be squandered.  Our freedoms and blessings should inspire us to be the best people that we can be and to do what we can for those less fortunate.  Our freedoms and blessings should inspire us to praise and thank God daily for His great goodness to us.  This 4th of July, as you gather with family and friends, please pause for a moment to reflect on the great blessing that we have just to be able to live in this great country.  Those in desperation at our borders remind us of just how blessed we are, and they powerfully remind us not to take these blessings lightly.  God is so good to us, and in return we are called by God to be good to others. 


Vacation!  This week, I’ll begin my summer vacation starting on Sunday.  I don’t have any big plans at this time, as I often make it up as I go along.  But, I do plan to spend some time with family at the family lake cabin at Bone Lake in Wisconsin, and perhaps travel around the Midwest and visit other family members in Wisconsin and Chicago.  I will pray for all of you as I travel, and I ask you to please pray for me.  Fr. Galarza will be here on duty at both St. Nicholas and Guardian Angels, and I’ll be back in the saddle again on the weekend of July 14 & 15.

Happy 4th of July, 

Fr. Deziel